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For Australian punters, there aren? to many leagues other than the AFL that are able to provide them with the type of action they are seeking. This is evident in the incredible number of spectators that these events regularly attract, and these numbers are steadily continuing to rise thanks to the great online integration and innovation that so many online sportsbooks and bookmakers have made in recent years. The best part is that many of these excellent online venues provide tips, stats, and odds coming from expert AFL tipsters.

The AFL Grand Final

While the AFL, made up of 16 teams, which all play 22 rounds between March and September are able to attract thousands of loyal Aussie fans and punters, the main attraction is always the AFL Grand Final. This is the main event with the successful teams from the regular season and is contested in order to award the victorious club with the Premiership.AFL Tipsters

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This great AFL competition has become one of the most popular sporting events within all of Australia and is by far the most popular event among Aussie punters. For instance, the 2008 AFL Grand Final was able to attract 100,012 spectators and many more punters and AFL tipsters going online to get in on the action. This is why the attendance records set by the competition are among some of the highest in the world for domestic championship events.

While there are several cash prizes that are handed out to clubs during the different stages of the tournament, the real appeal for most players and clubs is the Premiership Cup, which is awarded to the victorious team. The first ever Premiership Cup was awarded in 1959. However prior to the tradition of awarding the cup the award was a pennant that was known by most as ?he Flag? However, the prestigious nature of the event has garnered the Premiership Cup the nickname of the ?oly Grail? Also, before the 1960? players were awarded a person trophy opposed to the medallion they each receive these days.

When it comes to the AFL Grand Final, there are countless online wagering venues these days that are providing great odds for Grand Final matches. There countless AFL tipsters heading online these days in order to share insider information with one another and get access to great AFL Grand Final tips, stats, and odds surrounding the matches, clubs and players. These have proven to be incredible resources for the hundreds of thousands of Aussie punters placing wagers through online venues.

The NAB Cup

The NAB Cup, which is actually an AFL pre-season competition, is obviously held before the beginning of the AFL season. This popular four round tournament is always a huge attraction of avid fans, punters, and AFL tipsters. The main reason for this is the fact that competition involves all 16 AFL clubs allowing fans and punters to get a good look at what is to come from these clubs during the upcoming season. This is why AFL tipsters and punters online always use this competition as an indicator for the upcoming premiership season and AFL Grand Final. The league will also often utilize this event in order to try new rules and changes that they are considering implementing into the premiership AFL season.

The NAB Cup matches have quite a following having been first held in 1956, although the rules and operations of the event have changed several times over the years. These days the winners are of the four round elimination tournaments are awarded with the pre-season Cup trophy prior to starting the season. Avid fans and punters will definitely want to take advantage of the wagering venues and insider information from AFL tipsters online surrounding the great matches taking place during the NAB Cup matches.


The amount of opportunities these days for Australians to place wagers online for the great AFL matches taking place throughout the season are endless. For example, perhaps the most popular of all these matches are those taking place during the AFL Grand Final competition. These never have any issues attracting hundreds of thousands of punters and avid fans as well as thousands of more punters online taking advantage of the great odds and tips being supplied by AFL tipsters. This is why the online wagering venues have actually become much more popular among Aussie punters when it comes to all AFL matches including the Grand Final, Premier Season, and NAB Cup matches.

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